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Replacement Battery A41-K56 for Asus K56 Notebook K56 A46 A56 K46 S56 S405 2600 mAh

RM 69.90 RM 129.90

  • Model:A41-K56
  • Comptible with A46 Ultrabook A46C Series A46CA Series A46CB Series A46CM Series A46CV Series A56 Ultrabook A56C Series A56CA Series A56CB Series A56CM Series A56V Series E46 Series E46C Series E46CA Series E46CB Series E46CM Series K46 Ultrabook K46C Series K46CA Series K46CB Series K46CM Series K46V Series K56 Ultrabook K56C Series K56CA Series K56CB Series K56CM Series K56V Series R405 Ultrabook R405C Series R405CA Series R405CB Series R405CM Series R405V Series R505 Ultrabook R505C Series R505CA Series R505CB Series R505CM Series R550 Ultrabook R550C Series R550CA Series R550CM Series S40 Ultrabook S40C Series S40CA Series S40CB Series S40CM Series S405 Ultrabook S405C Series S405CA Series S405CB Series S405CM Series S46 Ultrabook S46C Series S46CA Series S46CB Series S46CM Series S505 Ultrabook S505C Series S505CA Series S505CB Series S505CM Series S550 Ultrabook S550C Series 
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Capacity: 14.4V 2600mAh 37Wh
  • Warranty: 3 Months

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